FAQ: What Is Beverly Hills Chihuahua About?

The plot centers on a female Chihuahua named Chloe, who gets dognapped in Mexico and has to escape from an evil Doberman, El Diablo, with help from a lonely German Shepherd, Delgado and a hyperactive male Chihuahua, Papi, who has a desperate crush on her.

Are the Chihuahuas from Beverly Hills Chihuahua dead?

Are the dogs from Beverly Hills Chihuahua dead? One of the dogs who portrayed Papi, died in 2015, due to bone marrow cancer; George Lopez attended his funeral. He, along with Chloe, made a cameo appearance in the 2018 film, Show Dogs.

What happened to the original cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

All the actors have been replaced except for George Lopez who reprises the voice of Papi. Also missing are stars Jaime Lee Curtis, who had a short but effective role as the dog loving businesswoman, Aunt Viv, and Drew Barrymore who had the starring (voice) role as Chloe.

Who is the villain in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

El Diablo is the main antagonist of the 2008 Disney comedy film Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

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What type of dog is Papi?

Papi, the part Chihuahua, part mutt male lead of the movie, was rescued from a Los Angeles animal shelter after trainers held months of fruitless auditions with breeders and veteran movie furry friends. Head animal trainer Mike Alexander told Reuters it was Papi’s big ears and great expression that got the dog noticed.

How much is a white Chihuahua?

White Chihuahua Puppy Price: Do They Cost More Than Other Chihuahuas? Chihuahuas are popular among many countries and if you want to own the rarest color, it won’t be a surprise if it costs more than other Chihuahuas. A white one costs up to $1,500. If there are any spots or fawns, the price will go down.

Why is Beverly Hills Chihuahua Rated PG?

Why is Beverly Hills Chihuahua rated PG? Beverly Hills Chihuahua is rated PG by the MPAA for some mild thematic elements. Used to being a rich and famous purse puppy, Chloe the Chihuahua finds herself lost on foreign soil and surrounded by mutts.

Who is the voice of Chloe in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2?

Voices. Odette Yustman as Chloe, Papi’s wife. Yustman replaced Drew Barrymore as the voice of Chloe. Zachary Gordon as Papi Jr.

Is there a Beverly Hills Chihuahua 4?

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 4 is coming out December 21, 2017. Chloe and Papi and the family are back again! A bunch of new friends and friendships too!

Did Netflix remove Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Sorry, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is not available on American Netflix.

When did Beverly Hills Chihuahua three come out?

El Diablo is a Doberman Pinscher. He fights at the dogfights at the behest of his owner, Vasquez.

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Where is Chloe from Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Chloe ends up getting tossed into a dog-fighting ring owned by Vasquez, left to defend herself from a Doberman Pinscher named El Diablo. Fortunately, she is rescued from the dogfight by a German Shepherd named Delgado.

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