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Symptoms Of Dog Food Allergies

What are the symptoms of dog food allergies that you can identify yourself? After all, you want to do the utmost to ensure your Chihuahua stays healthy.


While people may assume that dog food allergies are quite common, they only account for approximately 10 percent of all dog allergies.


Yet after seasonal dog allergies and flea allergies, dog food allergies are the most common ones.

Food Intolerance Vs Dog Food Allergies

One of the most important things to remember is that there is a difference between food intolerance and dog food allergies. For example, with symptoms of dog food allergies you will find that you end up with signs of skin allergies in dogs and characteristic symptoms of itching. With food intolerance however, you may find that your Chihuahua ends up vomiting or has diarrhea.

Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate dog food allergy symptoms by adjusting their food as described on our dog food allergies page. This means that once defined, treatment for dog allergies caused by food could be used to nurse your Chihuahua back to health.

You will often find that proteins in food triggers common dog food allergies. Some of the most common triggers for allergies are the following:

  •  Beefsymptoms of dog food allergies
  • Dairy products
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Soy


Symptoms Of Dog Food Allergies

One of the problems with actually identifying dog food allergy symptoms is the fact that these symptoms may seem virtually identical to what we see with other allergies. This means it could be difficult to establish the difference between a dog wheat allergy and seasonal dog allergies. How can you tell the difference between regular skin allergies in dogs and dog food allergy symptoms? Though there are many different signs, they may include:

  • Face rubbing
  • Anal itching
  • Hot spots
  • Licking
  • Excessive scratching 
  • Head shaking
  • Recurring skin infections
  • Recurring ear infections
  • Hair loss
  • Seemingly itchy skin

Though allergies may take weeks to clear up, the onset of a dog wheat allergy for example could take anywhere between from a couple of days to six weeks. Understandably, this makes it difficult to narrow down initially because it is doubtful that you know what your dog ate two days ago, let alone six weeks ago.

If your Chihuahua was to vomit up it’s food or act differently after eating, it would be easy to attribute that to dog food allergy symptoms. However, the truth is that if your dog has an immediate adverse reaction to new food, the chances are that it is NOT an allergy.

Normally, before a dog experiences an allergic reaction to food, there tends to be an accumulative effect.Having said that, a dog does not need to eat a great deal of the problematic ingredient before it starts developing an allergic reaction to it. This means that even a minor ingredient can influence your dog.

What Do I do If I Notice Symptoms Of Dog Food Allergies?

Even though it may be costly, one of the best ways to establish and seek treatment for dog allergies is by taking your dog to the vet when you notice that they are showing signs of allergic reactions, or just acting differently. In certain cases, other sensitivities or illnesses may be the cause of your dog’s symptoms. Despite this, it may be best to be safe rather than sorry, not take the chance, and allow a professional to treat your Chihuahua accordingly.

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