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Movie Dog Names

Is your Chihuahua destined for the big screen? Then our movie dog names page is the place to search for the perfect Chihuahua names!

Throughout the years, there have been hundreds of canine TV stars. On our list below, we have the most well known and popular dog names, as well as the TV show or movie where they originate from.

These are good names for Chihuahuas and are the best way of making sure that your Chi starts off on the right paw in the quest for stardom, and will set him well on his way to fulfilling his true potential! Who’s to say your Chihuahua may not be the next Lassie, or even the next Gnasher?

We are certain that with the amount of good pet names we have provided you with, we will help you make the right decision.

Movie Dog Names

Akamaru – Naruto

Al - Hocus Pocus

Alan - Babe 2: Pig in the City

Alfie – Serpico

Alistair - Crystal Tipps and Alistair

Allen - King of Queens

Ambe - The Pink Panther

Ambrosius - Labyrinth

Amstral - I'll Fly Away

Andromeda - The Parent Trap

Anubis Cruger - Power Rangers

Archie - Summer Rental

Arnold – Entourage

Attila – Phenomenon














Movie Dog Names

Backup - Veronica Mars

Barfolomew - Space Balls

Barley - Playing by Heart

Barnaby - Serpico

Barney - Gremlins

Bear - Crimson Tide

Beethoven - Beethoven

Benjamin - Cape Fear

Benji - Benji

Benson - Time Bandits

Bigs - All of Me

Bingo - Bingo

Black Tooth - The Soupy Sales Show

Blacktoe - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Blood - A Boy and his Dog

Blue - Cool Hand Luke

Blue Boy - The Education of Little Tree

Bob - The Parent Trap

Boomer - Independence Day

Bouncer – Neighbours

Bowser - Nobody's Fool

Bpo Bpo - Lost

Brandon - Punky Brewster

Brandy Harrington - Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Brinkley - You've Got Mail

Buck - Summer School

Buckley - The Royal Tenenbaums

Bucky Boy - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Buddy - Regarding Henry

Bullet - The Roy Rogers Show

Bullseye - Oliver Twist

Bunchie - Portrait of a Lady

Bunker - Very Bad Things

Buster – Lost

Caesar - Our Man Flint

Caligula - The Pickup Artist

Carlton - The Spiral Staircase

Captain Whiskers - Red Eye

Celine - Summer Heights High

Chacha - I Love Bubu Chacha

Chance - Homeward Bound

Charlie - The Late Show

Charlotte - The Deep

Chaucer - Foul Play

Checkers - Dick

Chester - The Nanny

Chiffon - The Shaggy Dog

Chopper - Stand By Me

Claude - The Beverly Hillbillies

Cleo - The People's Choice

Coby - 2 Days in the Valley

Colin - Spaced

Comet - Full House

Copernicus - Back to the Future

Cosmo - House Arrest

Cynthia - Green Acres

Daphne - Look Who's Talking Now

Demon - Snow Dogs

Dewey - Eight Below

Dick Hunter - The Price Is Right

Diefenbaker - Due South

Diesel - Snow Dogs

Digby - Pushing Daisies

Digger - Big Barn Farm

Doc - Grey's Anatomy

Dog - The Road Warrior

Dreyfus - Empty Nest

Duchess - Snow Dogs

Duke - Big Top Pee Wee

Dukey - Johnny Test

Dusk - Out of Africa

Movie Dog Names

E Buzz - Poltergeist

Earl - City of Angels

Eddie - American Flyers

Edison - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Edward - Accidental Tourist

Einstein - Back to the Future

Faro - The Kentuckian

Feebie - Married... with Children

Flame - Flame, the Wonder Dog

Flash - The Dukes of Hazzard

Flealick - Babe 2: Pig in the City

Fluffy - To Be or Not to Be

Fly - Babe

Folsom - Body Double

Frank - Men in Black

Fred - Smokey & the Bandit

Freeway - Hart to Hart

Frisbee – Scrooged

Genevieve - Bringing Up Baby

George - Bringing Up Baby

Ginger - Big Red

Gnasher - Dennis the Menace

Gort - There’s Something About Mary

Gromit - Wallace and Gromit

Grunt - Flashdance

Gus - Saving Grace

Hank - The Truth about Cats & Dogs

Happy - 7th Heaven

Harvey - E.T.

Hearsay - The Firm

Hercules - The Sandlot

Herpes - Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Hobo - The Littlest Hobo

Holden – Lost

Hooch - Turner & Hooch

Hoser - Strange Brew

Howard - I Love You, I Love You Not

Hubble - Good Boy

Indiana - Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade

Ivanna - The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Jack - Lost & Found

Jacob - National Velvet

Jerry Lee - K-9

Jack - Tales of the Gold Monkey

Jake - Jake the Dog

Jake – Neighbours

Jeb - VR Troopers

Jimi - The Chris Isaak Show

Jimmy - South Park

Joe - Run, Joe, Run

Movie Dog Names

Kaiser - Fear

Kerouac - Down & Out in Beverly Hills

Kiwi - Code Lyoko

Ladadog - Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Laddie - The Simpsons

Landru - The Burbs

Lassie - Lassie Come Home

Little Richard - Armegeddon

Lou - Cats & Dogs

Lucky - Dr. Doolittle

Lucky de Marco - Married to the Mob

Liquidator - Darkwing Duck

Mack - Snow Dogs

Maling - The Island of Dr. Moreau

Mark - 2 Days in the Valley

Matisse - Down & Out in Beverly Hills

Martha - Martha Speaks

Max - Eight Below

Maxie – Volcano

Maximillian - The Bionic Woman

Maya - Eight Below

Mel - Return to Me

Michelangelo - The Prince and the Pauper

Mickey - The Man Without a Face

Mignon - Green Acres

Milo - The Mask

Missy - Beethoven's 2nd

Moses – Dogville

Mr. Smelly - The Borrowers

Muffy - Ruthless People

Murphy - They Only Kill Their Masters

Mutki - To Be or Not to Be

Myron - Murder by Death

Nana - Snow Dogs

Nanook - The Lost Boys

Napoleon - Napoleon

Neil - Dunston Checks In

Nigel - Babe 2: Pig in the City

Mr Mittens - Grounded for Life

Mr. Muggles - Heroes

Mungo - Mary, Mungo and Midge

Murray - Mad About You

Movie Dog Names

Odie - Garfield and Friends

Odie – Garfield

Old Jack - Eight Below

Old Yeller - Old Yeller

O'Malley - Dominic & Eugene

Opal - Blood Simple

Otis - Milo & Otis

Old Pap - Big Barn Farm

Oscar - Curb Your Enthusiasm

Pac-Man - Blade: Trinity

Pard - High Sierra

Peanut - Jury Duty

Pal, from the Arthur children's TV program

Paul Anka - Gilmore Girls

Peanut Butter - Mr. Show

Peety - The Little Rascals

Pippet - Jaws

Pongo - Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Poppy - Mars Attacks!

Porter - Payback

Precious - Silence of the Lambs

Prince - Wuthering Heights

Princess - Life with Father

Poochini - Poochini's Yard

Porthos - Star Trek: Enterprise

Princess Dandyridge Brandywine - Sex and the City

Puffy - Something About Mary

Quark - Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Queenie - The Bishop's Wife

Queequeg - The X-Files

Rags - Ode to Billy Joe

Raoul - The Buddy Holly Story

Reno - Top Dog

Rex - Stealing Harvard

Rex - Babe

Rhett - Steel Magnolias

Rocks - Look Who's Talking Now

Rocky - Another Chance

Roscoe - Lawnmower Man

Rusty - Mars Attacks

Reckless - The Waltons

Rex - Inspector Rex

Rodney - The Chris Isaak Hour

Roly - EastEnders

Roosevelt - Pee Wee's Playhouse

Rowdy – Scrubs

Movie Dog Names

Sam - Dante's Peak

Sam - Lethal Weapon

Sasha - Alice's Restaurant

Scooper - Snow Dogs

Scraps - Airplane

Santas Little Helper - The Simpsons

Schotzie - That 70s Show

Scruffy - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Seabreeze - Family Guy

Sedge - Stargate: Atlantis

Serena - Number 96

Seymouy - Futurama.

Shadow - Eight Below

Shane - Radio Flyer

Sherlock - Sherlock: Undercover Dog

Shiloh - Saving Shiloh

Shithead - The Jerk

Shorty - Eight Below

Sniff - Snow Dogs

Snot - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Sparky - Michael

Speck - Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Spike - Alien: Resurrection

Sport - The Egg & I

Skits - Martha Speaks

Smiley - Hazel

Spike - Rugrats

Spot - Teacher's Pet

Squeakers - The Cosby Show

Stinky - Dharma and Greg

Sugar - The X-Files

Taz - Skins

Tet - Airwolf

Thor - Bad Moon

Thorn - The Lost Boys

Toby - Afraid of the Dark

Tom Dooley - The Misfits

Toto - The Wizard of Oz

Tiger - The Brady Bunch

Tramp - My Three Sons

Tricki Woo - All Creatures Great and Small

Truman - Eight Below

Two Socks - Dances with Wolves

Verdell - As Good as it Gets

Vincent – Lost

Movie Dog Names

Walter - To Die For

Wa-ti - The Island of Dr. Moreau

Wildfire - It's a Dog's Life

Willie – Patton

Webster - Number 96

Wellard - EastEnders

White Fang - Soupy Sales Show

Willy - EastEnders

Wishbone – Wishbone

Yodel - Snow Dogs

Yukon King - Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

Zeus - Zeus & Roxanne

Did you manage to find any movie dog names which will make cute Chihuahua names for your little one? If you have, congratulations! You are well on the way to embarking on an adventure with a faithful little companion.

If you didn't, why not look through the books shown below for some help!





Numerology for Pets is a cute and informative book which teaches you the basics of numerology and how to analyze your pet's name to enhance their personalities. This book is fun to read and it's for children and adults. The animated pictures and clear descriptions will hold your attention from beginning to end. 






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