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How To Remove A Tick

The sooner you learn how to remove a tick, the better it is for your pet, since a painful illness can be prevented with quick removal.

Tickets are blood-sucking mites that while small, can still transmit some dangerous diseases. The disease most commonly associated with a tick bite is Lyme disease.

When searching for information on how to remove a tick, you will find many different answers. Some people would even suggest that home tick removal could be made easy by lighting a match onto the tick, which would cause it to want to leave on its own.

The truth is that you should never listen to this type of advice for tick eradication, mainly because it could make matters worse for your pet. Removing tick from dog is easy; however before you can begin with pet tick removal, you have to find the tick first.

When looking for ticks it is a good idea to put on some latex gloves and go through your pet's coat for ticks. Be sure to use good lighting because ticks can be difficult to spot.

Ensure that you check your Chihuahua daily during the summer and spring months. Feel for lumps underneath the hair, pay close attention to the belly, legs, eyes, face, and ears. These are warm places and thus interesting for ticks to flock to.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks And Safe Tick Removal

Once you have found a tick, go through the following steps to ensure safe tick removal:

  • If you find the tick before it embeds itself into the skin, tick removal on dogs is easy, you simply pick it up and kill the tick. However, if it is already embedded into the skin you can use a tick removal tool. If you don’t have one, you could use fine pointed tweezers. Never use your fingers, because an infection might follow.
  • When removing tick from dog the most important thing to remember is to be patient, grab the head of the tick as close as possible to the skin. Even if you are using your trusty tick removal tool, you should still wear latex gloves for protection.
  • For safe tick removal, use firm, steady, and slow traction. There is no pulling or yanking, slowly twist, in a circular twisting motion, while you slowly remove the tick from the skin. Pull the tick straight out. That should remove tick from dog easily.
  • The important part of tick removal dog, is NEVER to squeeze the tick on its body at any point. This may inject pathogens into your dog if the tick is still embedded. Remember, when removing tick from dog, NEVER squeeze the body. This is a critical step in engorged tick removal.
  • After removing the tick, cleanse the skin with water and soap.
  • One thing to remember about engorged tick removal is that it might be beneficial to keep the tick in a jar of alcohol. Make sure to put a date on the jar and keep it for some time. You may want to do this in case of future illness. If your dog does start showing signs of illness, it is beneficial for the veterinarian to know as much as possible about the tick.

Some points to remember on how to remove a tick and how to get rid of ticks

  • After manual tick removal on dogs, you should not be surprised if there is a skin reaction or welt. This does not necessarily mean that you failed at pet tick removal or that your dog is seriously ill. You can alleviate the irritation with a bit of hydrocortisone spray. The tick saliva is what causes this reaction.
  • It is always a good idea to talk to your vet about home tick removal and tick eradication. Effective tick control (a collar, spot-on, powder, or spray) would also mean that you would have to worry less about how to remove a tick.
  • Check your dog daily. Especially during the spring and summer months. It is easier to proceed with tick removal dog if the tick has not embedded itself yet.

Deer Tick Photos

Tick Repellent For Dogs


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