How much should I feed my Chihuahua?

by Steven

Hi, I'm a bit lost.

This is my story, I live in china, there were some street vendors that were selling puppies and my girlfriend saw this little sad thing and wanted to save it from a miserable life.

We bought it and it turns out its a chihuahua, more or less, very young, 1,5 months old, about 15cm long.

He acts ok, plays, eats, sleeps but I'm not sure what to give him to eat and how much.

I give him 3/4 little meals a day, dried food soaked as otherwise very hard.

Each meal maybe 15/20 1cm x 1cm of these dry crunchy things, made for puppies.

Is that ok?

Sorry for long email, hope you can help


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Jul 24, 2012
How much should I feed my Chihuahua?
by: Steven

Hi Dwayne,
Thanks for your reply, very helpful.
Next week I will actually find out how much he weighs, so then I can see
exactly how much to give him.

I'll put the story on your site ASAP.

Thanks again


Jul 24, 2012
Feeding your Chihuahua
by: Dwayne

Steven, as a basic rule, you should feed your Chihuahua ½ oz of food per pound of weight. By watering this food down as you are doing, it will make it easier for your puppy to digest.

You are also doing the right thing in feeding your Chihuahua 3 - 4 times a dayhowever, I would change this to 2 times a day once your Chi is 6 months old.

Hope this helps.

Could you submit your Chihuahua story and Chihuahua pictures to our site?



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