Homemade chicken and rice

by Neivy

1.Boil chicken with little bits of salt for a little taste.
2.Make rice no oil no salt
3.1 potato boiled
4. Mix the chicken rice and potato all together till you see it's just right for your dog!
5. Feed it to your dog!

I have two Chis a girl and a boy. The girls name is Mama and boys is Pickles. Pickles doesn't like anyone but me. It's really funny he does get annoying because he doesn't eat food, neither does Mama so I usually make them this food or just the food my parents make at home. It's very healthy food and they love it! Mama is an Applehead Chihuahua and Pickles is a toy Chihuahua. Mama is just 4 years old and Pickles is 3. They both have to be the most wonderful puppies. 2 months ago they were so cute they all looked like Pickles. Pickles is white and tan Mama is black and white.

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