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Good Pet Names For Your Chihuahua

We all know how hard it can be to come up with good pet names when naming dogs, which match the personality of our pet.

It is even harder when you’re trying to find unique puppy names to suit a feisty, cute, little Chihuahua!

Chihuahuas ooze attitude, so naming your Chi after a mythical God might match his personality and character way beyond his tiny size. Our list of names for Chihuahuas below is made up of some unusual pet names which include film characters from Conan to the Terminator.

Watch the reactions of people around you when you call the smallest member of your family with the biggest attitude, by one of these good pet names!

Good Pet Names

Armani – Italian clothing designer

Achilles – Greek hero of the Trojan war

Anubis – Jackal headed god in Egyptian mythology

Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality

Apollo – Greek god of light and sun

Aragorn – King of Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings

Aristotle – Greek philosopher

Arwen – Female Elf in Lord of the Rings

Atermis – Greek goddess of the wilderness

Attila – Ruler of the Huns

Athena – Greek goddess of war

Bambi – Baby deer from the famous film

Bilbo – A Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings

Boromir - Character from Lord of the Rings

Buffy – A vampire slayer

Bismarck – Prussian / German statesman

Cabal - King Arthur's dog 

Caesar – Roman general and statesman

Capone – Italian American gangster

Casanova – Famous womanizer

Chewbacca – Character from Star Wars

Churchill -  Former British leader

Conan – Movie barbarian

Copernicus – Polish astronomer and mathametician

Deputy Dawg – Terrytoons cartoon character

Dogmatix -  Obelix’s dog in the Asterix comic books

Dogtanian – Cartoon dog based on the Three Musketeers

Dionysus – Greek god of winemaking and ritual madness

Einstein – German born physicist 

Electra – Daughter of King Agamemnon in Greek mythology

Elrond - Half Elven character in The Lord of the Rings

Fang - Hagrid's dog in the Harry Potter books

Flash - The Basset Hound from The Dukes of Hazzard

Frodo – Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings

Gandalf - Wizard in The Lord of the Rings

Gimli - Dwarf in The Lord of the Rings

Gnasher – Character from the Beano comic strip

Gnipper - Gnasher's son, from the Beano comic strip 

Goofy – Animated cartoon character from Walt Disney

Gromit -  Animated character from the Wallace and Gromit series

Genghis – Founder of the Mongol empire

Geronimo – Native American leader of the Apaches

Goliath – Character from the Old Testament

Godzilla – Japanese movie monster

Hector - Bulldog from the Sylvester and Tweety cartoons

Hecuba – Queen in Greek mythology

Hong Kong Phooey – Dog in the animated Hanna Barbera series

Hades – God of the Greek underworld

Helios – Greek god of the sun

Hercules – Son of Jupiter in Roman mythology

Hermes – Guide to the underworld in Greek mythology

Hestia – In Greek mythology the virgin goddess of the hearth

Hogan – American professional wrestler

Hulk – Fictional, Marvel comics superhero

Jabba – Slug like alien from Star Wars

Jaws – Terrifying great white shark

Good Pet Names

Krypto - Superman’s pet dog

Laika – The Soviet space dog

Lassie – The famous Collie

Legolas - Elf in The Lord of the Rings

Leonidus – King of Sparta

Lurch  - Fictional Character in the Adamms family

MacBeth – Character in a William Shakespeare play

Marmaduke – Comic strip about a Great Dane

Meatloaf – American rock musician and actor

Merlin – Wizard in Arthurian legend

Midas – King who turned everything into gold

Milo – Dog in the film, The Mask

Mr Peabody - Fictional dog from an animated TV series 

Mr Bojangles – Popular country song

Muttley – Animated Hanna Barbera character

Nanook – Master of the bears in Inuit mythology

Napoleon – Military and political leader of France

Nosferatu – Film about a vampire

Obelix – Fictional character from the Asterix comics

Othello – Character in a play by William Shakespeare

Perseus – Hero in Greek mythology

Pinky – Animated character from Pinky and the Brain

Pippin - Hobbit in THe Lord of the Rings

Plato – Classical Greek philosopher

Pluto – Disney animated dog

Pochacco - Anime character

Rambo – Fictional TV soldier

Remus – Founder of Rome

Ren – Psychotic Chihuahua from the Ren and Stimpy series

Ringo – Popular musician who was part of The Beatles

Rin Tin Tin – The most recognized German Shepherd ever

Rocky – Lead character in the popular boxing films

Romeo – Famous character from the William Shakespeare play

Romulus – Founder of Rome

Roobarb – Character from a British animated TV series

Samson – Character from the Old Testament

Samwise - Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings

Santa’s Little Helper – Dog from the Simpsons

Saruman - Evil wizard in The Lord of the Rings

Scooby Doo – Hanna Barbera cartoon dog

Scrappy Doo - Hanna Barbera cartoon dog

Shaq – American professional basketball player

Shakespeare – English poet and playwright

Shrek – Animated comedy character

Slinky – Dog from Disney’s Toy Story film

Snert – Hagar the Viking’s dog

Snoopy – Character from the comic strip Peanuts

Socrates – Classical Greek philospher

Spock – Character from Start Trek

Spot – Cartoon dog in the UK

Stimpy – Dimwitted cat from the Ren and Stimpy series

Tarzan – Fictional character raised in the jungle

Terminator – Lead character in the science fiction film by James Cameron

Thor – Hammer wielding god in Norse mythology

Titan – Family of giants in Greek mythology

Toto - Dog from The Wizard of Oz 

Vulcan – Roman god

Yoda – Powerful Jedi Master in the Star Wars films

Yogi – Famous bear from the Hanna Barbera cartoon

Zeus – God in Greek mythology

Did you manage to find any good pet names? If you have, congratulations! You are well on the way to embarking on an adventure with a faithful little companion.

If you didn't, why not look through the books shown below for some help!





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Wicket Not rated yet
Wicket is the name of our long hair liver/chocolate male chihuahua. My husband picked the name Wicket because it is the name of a star wars character. …

Mitzi Not rated yet
My apricot smooth haired chi is called mitzi

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