Fight with the Fleas

by Susan Dasher
(Findlay, Ohio, Hancock)

When I was 16 my family went on a summer vacation. We locked up the house when we left and did not leave the air conditioning on. The weather was really hot while we were gone from our home in NW OHIO. Was it good to get home? Ah yes...We opened the doors and windows to cool things off but what was that jumping around the living room rug (besides Jenny)? FLEAS. Lots of them.

My Chihuahua, Jenny, was cared for by my boyfriend at his house in our absence so while she had had a flea or two before we left, our house had been turned into a perfect incubator. Fleas are especially attracted to white so if you have them and sit on the couch with white socks on for instance, you would have 10 fleas on your socks in 3 seconds( only 9 if you don't have white socks on)..and out of 5 family members, I was their tasty treat. I had so many bites it was ugly and far worse then a few pimples. I could only be glad I didn't have school with a bunch of students staring at me wondering where I had vacationed and was it contagious.

We bombed the house; though I'm thinking a real bomb would have had better results. A flea bite causes a horrible itch and if you dig with your finger nail and get the top of the bite off, you will find a tiny
white core about the size of a pin head...however you have now opened the wound to infection from the normal bacteria that resides on your skin. I was a mess and my mom didn't like my Chi anyway. My sister and I had begged for months until we finally got a Chihuahua from a neighbor. Nothing really helped the infestation..and we finally got an exterminator to come and spray. I'm surprised poor Jenny got to stay with us..but then it wasn't her started with a couple of fleas and they were welcomed with a wonderful incubator in the form of our home, and incubator my parents made when they turned off the air before we left to save $$$$$, Yeah right.

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