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Dog Feeding Advice

On this page we have provided some simple but yet important dog feeding advice which you should adhere to. By doing so, you will make your life and that of your Chihuahua a lot easier when it comes to feeding time.

  •  Do not disturb your Chihuahua when it is eating, since doing so could lead to aggression. If you have to do so, add a small amount of food whilst it is feeding, so it will not see you as a threat to its food. 
  • Standing and staring at your dog waiting for him to eat may make him think that more is yet to come and he wont eat.
  • If you are wondering when to feed your dog, always feed your Chihuahua at the same time and place. Following this simple piece of dog feeding advice will regulate his bathroom schedule.
  • Ensure that your Chihuahua's food is broken down into pieces small enough to be eaten without the danger of choking.
  • Do not allow your Chihuahua to become a fussy eater by substituting a meal with another straight away if they refuse to eat. Remove the food after 30 minutes, then replace it (with fresh food) at the end of the day. Remove it again after 30 minutes if he still doesn’t eat it.
  • Do not vary the diet too much. Chihuahua's have a sensitive digestive system which may not tolerate frequent changes in food and this may cause dog health problems.
  • If you have to vary the diet, don’t change your dogs food suddenly since this may cause an upset stomach. When switching foods, do so gradually by mixing the new and old food, and slowly phase the old food out over a period of about a week.
  • Do not feed your Chihuahua from your plate or the table, since will encourage attention seeking behavior.

Dog Feeding Advice

  • Food should not be served hot or cold, but at room temperature.
  • Any food not eaten should be removed before it spoils and causes dog health problems.
  • Ensure that the food bowl is washed after every meal, just as you would do with your own plate.
  • Try coating your Chihuahua's bowl with vegetable cooking spray to keep food from becoming stuck to the bottom. Alternatively, you may purchase a non stick bowl. cute toy chihuahua eating a bone
  • Ensure that fresh water is provided throughout the day and wash out the water bowl at least once a day.
  • Do not overfeed your dog. If you are feeding a commercial dog food product, follow the recommended feeding amounts guidelines.
  • Weigh your Chihuahua regularly and make sure it does not become overweight. Be prepared to make any feeding adjustments as necessary.
  • Feeding your dog just before a journey in a car may cause car sickness.
  • Feeding your Chihuahua an hour before or after exercise could contribute to stomach torsion and dilation. This is a life threatening condition requiring immediate treatment.
  • If not all the food is eaten in one go, you may be feeding your Chihuahua too much. The dog feeding advice as recommended by the manufacturers is not the same for all dogs. The right amount of food should produce dark brown, firm stools. Firm stools which are softer towards the end are a sign of an overfed dog.
  • If your dog goes off his food he may be suffering from health problems and you should consult the vet.
  • Once your dog is no longer a puppy, he should be fed once a day, or two small meals a day.


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