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Dog House Training Tips And More

Welcome to the Dog Obedience And Training Books section of our site, where you will be able to download a free 7 part dog training course for your Chihuahua!

That’s right, this fantastic basic dog obedience training course which will offer dog house training tips is being given away for free. By applying the instructions offered in the different books, you will be able to finally control your Chihuahua behavior and train your dog to your liking. No more yapping at the visitors or running away when you least want him to! This will probably be the only and the best dog training book you will ever need.

There is a catch however!

The first part of the training manual, “Lesson 1 – Name”, is available immediately by clicking on the link below.  

Before we make Lesson 2 available and you can carry on with your dog obedience and training though, All About Chihuahuas needs to have 50 Facebook page likes and 50 followers on Twitter. So how do we do this I hear you ask? All you will need to do is suggest to your Facebook friends that they like our Facebook page, and suggest to your Twitter followers that they follow us too.

Given the size of the Facebook and Twitter community, in no time we should have 50 likes and followers, and lesson 2 of the dog obedience training manual will be made available.
Once we have achieved this, the same will be done to make lesson 3 available, then lesson 4 and so on.

In a nutshell, we are looking to spread the Chihuahua word to all the Chihuahua and dog lovers out there. The sooner the word spreads, the sooner the dog obedience and training manuals will become available!

Lesson 1 – Name

Even if your dog already knows his name, please don’t skip this lesson. We promise you’ll learn something!


Lesson 2 – Sit - Once we have 50 Facebook page likes 50 Twitter followers

Even if your dog already knows how to sit on verbal command, please don’t skip this
lesson. We promise she’ll begin to learn something new!


Lesson 3 – Come - Once we have 100 Facebook page likes 100 Twitter followers

Teaching your dog to come when called is one of the most valuable lessons in this
training course. It can literally save your dog’s life.


Lesson 4 – Stay - Once we have 150 Facebook page likes 150 Twitter followers

Teaching your dog to stay has many benefits. For example, a dog that stays
on command can be kept out of harm’s way when you need to run across the street.


Lesson 5 – Lie Down - Once we have 250 Facebook page likes 250 Twitter followers

Why is it important to teach your dog to lie down on command? In a word: control.


Lesson 6 – No Jumping - Once we have 350 Facebook page likes 350 Twitter followers

The importance of this lesson may depend on the size of your dog. A dog the size of a
Chihuahua jumping up on you (or visitors as they come through your door) won’t create quite the same problem as a 100-pound bear of a dog. 


Lesson 7 - Heel - Once we have 500 Facebook page likes 500 Twitter followers.

There’s more to gain from teaching your dog to heel than no longer being dragged
down the street. When walking your dog is not a “chore,” you’ll enjoy it more.


90 Dog Training Tips

90 tips ranging from house breaking to basic commands and teaching your dog new tricks.



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