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Deer Tick Photo

A deer tick is slightly different in appearance to a dog tick, so we have added a deer tick photo page for your reference.


Deer ticks, also known as black legged ticks are normally found on their favorite hosts, the white tailed deer unfortunately they do not restrict themselves to these animals and may very well make a meal out of your dog.

Deer ticks are smaller than dog ticks, so they may be harder to detect.

deer tick photo





As this deer tick picture shows, females have a red tinge to their bodies with black markings, and are the size of sesame seeds.

Males are dark brown and smaller than the females.




deer tick picture





These ticks prefer forested and wooded areas where they may feed off the variety of mammals which are to be found in these. This is a picture of a tick warning sign in a wooded area.






picture of a tick



Ticks are unable to fly or jump, and as a result are to be found on grass and leaves, where they will be able to crawl onto any host, be it animal or human, as they brush past.


As a result of this, it is very easy to take your dog out for a walk, and bring back an unwanted guest either on yourself or on your Chihuahua’s coat.



Deer Tick Bite Photo

Black legged ticks would not be able to survive for more than a few days indoors since they require a moist environment, however, it is vital to check yourself and your dog for these since a tick could still pass on disease prior to dying.

The disease associated with the deer tick is Lyme disease, with more than 14,000 cases reported annually. (It is estimated however, that nine out of ten cases are unreported due to the symptoms closely resembling the flu. Dog ticks do not spread Lyme disease.)

tick bite pictures lyme disease

A Lyme disease infection is very rarely fatal, however, it can be very debilitating. The first indication of Lyme’s disease is sometimes a rash in the shape of a bull’s eye where the tick was attached three to thirty days after the bite. Tick bites pictures such as this one on the left show the bull’s eye quite clearly.


This must be treated by antibiotics or more severe symptoms could follow. Tick bite symptoms include palpitations, arthritis and neurological problems.

Although most dogs will not become ill, some may experience discomfort, loss of appetite and joint pain. Make sure to contact your veterinarian for more information if you suspect Lyme disease.

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